Cartel is a Content Management System (CMS) written in Java, with extensibility, scalability, and ease of use being the primary goals. Design has been ongoing since July 2002, and the first release is hoped for in late September or early October 2003. Cartel will be released as an Open Source product, probably under the BSD License.
To make Cartel more extensible, both the data model, and the objects are being designed with extendability in mind. Being locked into an outdated system is a thing of the past.
Scaleability is being addressed by designing for a three+ tier architecture in the beginning. Today, you may run the Web, Application and Database servers on the same machine, but as visits to your site increase, you will be able to easily move to a two, three or more tier architecture.
Documentation, be it for the Developers, Administrators, or Designers is a primary concern, and to me, is the very core of a product/project. Being able to easily understand a product, means you can use it, get your work done, and move on.
In addition to these, Cartel is being designed to separate the Design from the Code.
Creating top quality software is a difficult task. Because Cartel is an Open Source application, through the source code, the design, implementation, and all potential problems are laid bare for all to see, critique, and improve.
From the beginning the plan for Cartel has been to stand on the shoulders of those who have developed before us; building on outstanding, top quality open source projects. There are numerous benefits to this way of developing:
  • significantly quicker time to market
  • allows development focus to be narrowed to CMS development
  • innumerable developers truly contribute to the end product
  • design can be concentrated on CMS design
  • and finally, the code base is much smaller and more manageable
Some of the technologies which are the proposed building blocks of Cartel are: Java, DataStore, Tea, SQL, XML, and UML.
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